The Renaissance Experience

The Renaissance Experience

Did You Put A Present Under The Tree For Yourself?

by Renaissance Farms on 12/13/16

There is one lone unopened present left under the tree.  It does not have a name on it but you know who it belongs to.  You are a little afraid to open it.  Do you Dare?   You remove the beautiful bow and brightly colored ribbon.  You carefully remove the intricate patterned paper and fold it.  You gently open the box.   It is perfect.  It is what you always wanted.  It seems a bit self indulgent. It is the life you always wanted and deserve!   It is possible to realize your dreams and have them waiting in a pretty little box all tied in bow.  You simply have to start giving yourself a gift of  growth every year.  Indulge your mind, body, soul, and spirit.  Enjoy!

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The Chateau at Renaissance Farms sits atop an alpine bluff overlooking Pineview Lake and surrounded by mountains in scenic Eden, Utah.  We are a peaceful destination of choice for individuals looking for an escape from their hectic day, to a place of magical scenery, delectable food, and seductive lodging. Guest to Renaissance Farms are looking for a magical place, an escape, a sanctuary, a Renaissance.....